The official Turkish newspaper published a new amendment for conditions of granting Turkish citizenship for foreigners by buying a property, it also reported that many amendments were added to presidential decree of last September.

According to the new amendment which was published in last Friday ,the foreigner can apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing a new under construction immovable property by minimum 250,000 USD in Turkey and an annotation that the property shall not be transferred must be registered on the title deed, that is determined by the Ministry of Environment and Municipality.

The amendments would come into effect by 7th of December 2018, taking into consideration that the investor who purchased a property after 19th of September 2018, can also apply for Turkish citizenship.

Foreign investor should be completed the payment of 250,000 USD by the time of application , and a part of this amount should be paid after 7th of December 2018 with the respect of the condition that the property was not purchased from another foreigner investor.

Foreign investor should pay 250,000 if purchasing was after 7th of December 2018 as a condition that any amount that was paid before this period would not be taken into consideration.